Phlebotomy / Blood Tests

All blood test must be requested by a clinician.


You can use the Blood Clinic at Watford General Hospital, which is open from 7.30am to 4.30pm weekdays. You must take your blood form request to the Blood clinic which can be requested at reception.

The practice also provides a few clinics and a limited number of phlebotomy appointments for adults when required and requested by the GPs working for the Elms Surgery.


If a child is required to have blood tests, please call Watford General Hospital on 01923 224366 (hospital switchboard) and request to speak to Safari Children Unit for an appointment.

Warfarin Clinic

Patients requiring regular blood testing for warfarin monitoring, are advised to contact Warfarin Clinic at Watford General Hospital on 01923 244366. The WGH Warfarin clinic may be able to arrange a home visit for the patients who are not able to attend the hospital.

As the practice has limited resources / services available for phlebotomy service, we are only able to accept the blood tests requested / authorised by the Clinicians working for the Elms Surgery. We will not be able to book an appointment for blood tests on request of your hospital consultants.